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There are two main types of cosmetic surgery provider in the UK. Independent UK-trained Consultant Practices such as Perfecta Cosmetic Surgery and the national chains.

At Perfecta Cosmetic Surgery you will be advised by UK trained Consultant Plastic Surgeons with more than 15 years experience delivering high quality, high value, clinical solutions and all your care is delivered at the regions finest private hospitals. These hospitals are not only superior in quality but enable us to offer safe competitive pricing. They can also help you arrange finance should you require it.

The national cosmetic chains hit the news because of the PIP breast implant scandal (PIP implant scandal). They have offices in some of our major cities with sales staff whose role is to sign you up for surgery. You are then likely to be sent to a hospital that may be many miles from your home. You may only meet the surgeon on the day of your operation and almost never see this person again after you go home. Often these surgeons work outside the UK, were trained abroad and just fly in for a few days each month.

Why not go abroad for surgery, I hear you ask. Whilst there are some excellent Plastic Surgeons working abroad and many of the best UK Plastic Surgeons (including at Perfecta) have done fellowships abroad and have trained with some of the best surgeons in the world. But plastic surgery tourism is not to be considered lightly and horror stories are regularly reported in newspapers and magazines. Many UK Plastic Surgeons have seen patients with disasters following surgery abroad.

What is plastic surgery

Plastic Surgery is a branch of medicine that benefits many patients following injury, after medical treatment for cancer and for age-related changes. Cosmetic Surgery is a part of Plastic Surgery that strives to restore form and function with an emphasis on appearance. Plastic surgeons use the skills they have developed in reconstructive surgery to help provide you with cosmetic procedures designed to enhance your life.

  • Perfecta is a consultant driven service – making sure you get only the very best surgeons right from initial consultation to aftercare.
  • All our clinics are based at some of the regions best known private hospitals ensuring you receive the very best care at all times.
  • We practice a patient centred approach which means you are at the centre of everything we do, from procedure to the aftercare you receive

Perfecta Cosmetic Surgery

At Perfecta Cosmetic Surgery we’re extremely proud of what we’ve achieved for our patients.
We work with a hugely experienced team of professionals to help our patients through recovery and to ensure we provide the best possible care at all times.

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