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Your consultation

At Perfecta we provide a consultant led service from beginning to end. You will meet your Consultant Plastic Surgeon at your first consultation and again for your second appointment. They will do your procedure and provide your aftercare, with our team of experienced staff at the clinic that is most convenient for you.

  • Your first consultation is with one of our expert Consultant Plastic Surgeons. This costs just £130 and lasts around half an hour.
  • We will focus on the problem that concerns you, including a full medical, surgical and cosmetic history and then an examination, with one of our nurses to keep you company.
  • We will discuss your options for treatment and the likely outcome of each, including the type of anaesthetic (asleep or awake), when you can go home and when you can return to work and your normal activities.
  • After your first appointment we will send you los of information about your treatment options and provide you with a fixed cost for your package of care. We will then give you time and space to decide what you would like to do. When you are ready, our office team will help you book a date for your procedure and arrange a second appointment with your surgeon.
  • We often see our patients two or three times before treatment and there is no extra charge for these appointments.
  • All of your aftercare appointments are a free of charge, including those with your Consultant Plastic Surgeon.

Do you do free consultations?

We offer regular free mini-consultations at all of our clinics for people considering cosmetic surgery. These give you the opportunity to meet us for 10 minutes or so and have a look around the hospital. We can tell you about the options open to you and offer information to help you decide if this is the right choice for you.

These mini-consultations are free and without obligation.

How much will the treatment cost?

Following your consultation we can give you a fixed price for your treatment. This price includes all hospital costs and aftercare. This price is normally guaranteed for 60 days. (Depending on the terms and conditions of the private hospital you choose).

This package price includes:

  • Accommodation in a single private room, where friends and family can visit all day
  • All operation costs, including special orders such as breast implants.
  • Care from your Consultant Plastic Surgeon
  • Anaesthetic costs, including Consultant Anaesthetist care for general anaesthetic (asleep) or sedation
  • Specialist nursing care whilst you are in hospital
  • All aftercare care, including nurse-led dressing clinic and check ups with your Consultant Plastic Surgeon

What happens if I have problems after treatment?

We will look after you if you have any problems after surgery. The price you pay includes all the cost of your care until you have healed. If you have a problem that requires return to the operating theatre, for example to treat a collection of blood (haematoma), then this is all included. We want you to get the best outcome after treatment. If we you not happy with any part of the result and we think that we can improve it, then there is no extra charge. For example, you can get a gather at the end of a tummy tuck scar, sometimes called a dog ear. These can be corrected easily under local anaesthetic (awake) at no extra cost.

What is my next step?

Contact Perfecta Cosmetic Surgery on 0844 272 5951 to arrange your initial consultation.

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