Why choose Perfecta Cosmetic Surgery

It's important to get the right advice

Cosmetic surgery can help improve your physical features and can be life changing. Research shows people report improvements in body-confidence and self-esteem following treatment. It is important you get the right advice to help you achieve the best outcome.

At Perfecta your care is led by experienced Consultant Plastic Surgeons. At your first consultation you can tell us what you are hoping to achieve. We will examine you, with one of our nurses to keep you company, and then discuss your options for treatment. We will help you choose the best option to achieve the outcome you want.

After your consultation we will send you information and give you time to consider your options. When you are ready, you can arrange a second appointment, to discuss your options again and then focus on the procedure you choose and answer your questions to get you ready for treatment.

Your Consultant Plastic Surgeon will do your procedure and then provide your aftercare with our team of experienced staff to ensure you achieve the best possible outcome.

When considering cosmetic surgery, we would advise you to take your time and don’t rush into anything. Most of our patients have been thinking about treatment for months and sometimes for years before they plucked up the courage to make an appointment. 

At Perfecta we will give you all the time you need to make the right decision. After expert assessment, we will give you information and help you make the right decision. We will never rush you into treatment and we do not offer time-sensitive discounts.

Perfecta has clinics in the best private hospitals across the North of England, so you can rest assured the quality of nursing care, facilities, cleanliness and service will be second to none. We will provide all your care in your hospital of choice, including your pre-operative consultations, your procedure and all your aftercare. We would advise you to choose the clinic that is nearest to home and most convenient for you. 

Consultant lead care

We only offer Consultant led care at Perfecta. You can book a no-obligation consultation to discuss your concerns and get a better understand of your options for treatment. When you are ready, you can choose where to have your treatment. We would advise you to choose the clinic that is most convenient to you in DarlingtonMiddlesborough, Stockton-on-Tees or York and start your journey to the new you today.

  • We practice a patient centred approach which means you are at the centre of everything we do, from your first consultation, your procedure and all your aftercare
  • Perfecta is a consultant led service – making sure you get the very best advice to achieve the best outcome
  • Our clinics are based in the regions premier private hospitals ensuring you receive the very best care at all times

Perfecta Cosmetic Surgery

At Perfecta Cosmetic Surgery we’re extremely proud of what we’ve achieved for our patients.
We work with a hugely experienced team of professionals to help our patients through recovery and to ensure we provide the best possible care at all times.


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