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Get a more youthful look with a face lift from Perfecta Cosmetic Surgery

Perfecta Cosmetic Surgery is one of Yorkshire’s leading clinics specialising in face lift surgery for men. With clinics in York, Darlington, Stockton and Middlesborough Perfecta Cosmetic surgery is ideally located to provide you with the very best service.

All our cosmetic surgery is performed by UK trained and fully qualified Consultant Plastic Surgeons with more than 20 years clinical experience delivering high quality, high value, clinical solutions to men of all ages.

All our clinics are located at premium private hospitals across the region, so you can rest assured you will receive the best quality of care and a level of service that is second to none.

Achieving the perfect result is our ultimate goal

  • Procedure time – 2 to 4 hours
  • Downtime – 1 week
  • Cost – Face lift from £6,460
  • Cost – Face & neck lift from £8,190

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Improve your confidence and let Perfecta Cosmetic Surgery make you feel truly wonderful.

We are seeing increasing numbers of men asking about treatment for their face. They often don’t want repeat treatment every 6 months – like Botox. They ‘just want it fixing’. Most men who come to see us have been thinking about it for years. The most common areas are bags the eyes – ‘I look tired all the time’, low eyebrows and dropping upper eyelids – ‘people think I look grumpy or angry all the time’ and the lower face – jowls, chin and neck – ‘I just want to look good for my age’. This is where face lift, eyelid treatment and brow lift can help.

What could facelift do for you?

  • Give your face and neck a fresher, more youthful look
  • Increase your body-confidence and self-esteem

We’ll arrange a no-obligation consultation to assess your situation and make recommendations. If you decide to proceed, all your care is provided at Private hospitals servicing the region. Choose from clinics in York, Darlington, Stockton-on-Tees and Middlesborough, so you can rest assured you will receive the best quality of care and a level of service that is second to none.

Face lift and neck lift for men

Feel good about your appearance with face lift and neck lift from Perfecta, the North’s Number 1 Cosmetic Surgery Clinic

Your friends will know there is something different about you, they just can’t put their finger on why. 

For men, facelift needs to give a strong, long-lasting lift with subtle, hidden scars so no one knows you had surgery. If you want people to know then you can tell them. Come and see us for consultation and we will listen to your concerns, make an expert assessment and give you treatment options to achieve the result you want. This may include non-surgical options and surgery, including brow lift to lift heavy eyebrows, blepharoplasty for eyelids and facelift for your face and neck. 

At Perfecta we have the expertise and experience to help you achieve the results you want. After facelift, patients look brighter and fresher. Friends will often say ‘you look well – have you been away?’ They know there is something different about you – you look better – they just can’t put their finger on why. 

What is facelift?

Facelift is a procedure to lift and tighten the skin and soft tissue of your face to give you a fresher, more youthful look. Research shows that facial cosmetic surgery increases body confidence and self-esteem.

What does a facelift involve?

There are a number of different types of facelift and we will discuss these and help you decide which you need. Your choice depends on you and your face, the result you want to achieve and the type of procedure you want. Facelift involves making an incision that runs around your ear. The soft tissues of the face are lifted (SMAS lift) and then the skin is redraped to give a rejuvenated look, a smooth jawline and improved neck shape. If you have creases and excess skein and fat in the neck then you need a face and neck lift. Excess skin can be removed using liposuction or via a short incision under your chin. Facelift is usually done with you asleep takes about 2-4 hours depending on the procedure.

Non-surgical facial rejuvenation

Early changes in the face can be treated without surgery. Botox is used to smooth facial lines and wrinkles, particularly the frown lines, forehead creases and crows feet. Soft tissue fillers (such as Juvederm and Restylane) are used to fill creases, such as those around the mouth, and add volume to your lips and cheeks. LASER is great for creases around the mouth and other fine lines. 

Thread lift

Thread lift is a type of non-surgical facelift that involves using barbed sutures (stitches with hooks) to lift the soft tissue of the face. This tends to produce a small improvement for a short period of time but can be a good solution for some people.


Face lift and neck lift are surgical procedures that improve the signs of ageing in your face and neck. They generally produce a significant improvement that lasts many years. 

There are different types of face and neck lift, depending on you and your anatomy. Don’t worry about any of this – we have the expertise and experience to discuss your options and help you choose the right one for you.


Mini-facelift is a day-case procedure that can be done with you awake (under local anaesthetic). It takes around 60-90 mins and you can go home afterwards. Mini-facelift is suitable for people with early age-related changes who want to avoid more invasive treatment. It produces a small improvement for a short period of time. 

Short scar facelift

Short scar facelift involves using a short incision around your ear to do the facelift. This works well in younger people without too much excess or lax skin. All of our face and neck lifts leave the shortest scars possible to achieve the best result.

MACS lift

MACS lift stands for Minimal Access Cranial Suspension lift. This type of facelift can be done through a short scar around the ear and uses stitches to suspend the soft tissue of the face to gain the lift. MACS lift is an effective technique in the right patient.

SMAS facelift

The SMAS layer (superficial muscular aponeurotic system) invests the muscles of the face and supports the overlying soft tissue. Lifting this layer provides the rejuvenating effect of facelift surgery. SMAS-ectomy involves precise excision of a strip of the SMAS to achieve the lift. SMAS plication overlaps the SMAS. These techniques produce significant long-lasting suspension. SMAS lifting provides the basis for modern long lasting face and neck lift. 

Neck lift

Neck lift is usually combined with facelift but can be done on its own when the lower neck is the only area of concern or when it remains a problem when someone has had a facelift without addressing the neck. Neck lift can be combined with liposuction or done with a separate short incision under the chin to remove excess fat and tighten and redrape the underlying platysma muscle (platysmaplasty).

Midface lift

This type of facelift focusses mainly on the front of your face under your eyes. It is often done at the same time as lower eyelid surgery (lower blepharoplasty) via the same incision under the eyelashes. Aa alternative approach is via a hairline incision, using a ribbon for fixation. 

Subperiosteal facelift

This radical approach was popularised in the 1990s by American surgeon Sam Hamra. It involves lifting the face off the underlying bone and can produce a dramatic change in facial appearance. It has a limited role in a modern facelift practice.  

How long will my facelift last?

This is a good question and the answer is it depends! The main determinant is the procedure you choose. A mini skin-only facelift will not provide the lift and support of a SMAS facelift.  Many of our patients choose a SMAS lift because there is good evidence that the result lasts around 10 years.


  • Initial Consultation
  • Cost of treatment
    FROM £4,940

Before treatment

First appointment

At Perfecta your care is led by your Consultant Plastic Surgeon and you will see them at least twice before your procedure. Your first appointment with your surgeon a lasts round half an hour and includes specialist assessment. Then we will discuss how we can help you achieve the result you want. We will go through your options for treatment and then discuss your facelift with you so you understand what is involved and answer any questions you may have. We will show you lots of photographs of our patients who have had facelift to show you the type of outcome we can achieve for you.

After your first appointment we will send you los of information about your treatment options and provide you with a fixed cost for your package of care. We will then give you time and space to decide what you would like to do. When you are ready our office team will help you book a date for your procedure and arrange a second appointment with your surgeon.

Second appointment

Your second appointment gives you the chance to meet your surgeon again and discuss your procedure in more detail. We will go through all the important information about your facelift, including the site of incisions, the type of lift and site and nature of the scars. We will discuss your hospital care, anaesthetic and recovery and your aftercare plan. We will also discuss the potential risks and complications of surgery, so you are fully informed.

Pre-assessment appointment

A few weeks before your procedure you will have an appointment with our nurses for a pre-operative medical. Our nurses will tell you everything you need to know for the day of your procedure, such as what time to stop eating and drinking, what time to come in to the hospital, and what to bring with you. If you have any questions about these details or anything else then please ask your nurse or feel free to email or call us.

Do your research

Read up on your treatment options before your appointment. Good sources of information are our website and the BAPRAS website (www.bapras.co.uk) and BAAPS website (www.baaps.co.uk). It can be helpful to read blogs written by people who have had your procedure. But bear in mind they only have experience of their own journey. Your expert Consultant Plastic Surgeon and our experienced nurses have looked after hundreds of patients and have an unrivalled level of knowledge and understanding to help you. Ask us anything you want to know.

Write down a list of questions

In the week before your appointment make a note of any questions you want to ask. We will give you lots of useful information during your appointment. Afterwards we will email you with written information to help you make the right decision and make sure you are fully informed. Don’t worry if you forget what you wanted to ask. We will be seeing you for a second appointment or you can email us at any time.

Can I see photos of your work?

Yes of course. We will show you lots of photographs of our patients who have had facelift to show the type of improvement we can achieve.

Take some ‘before’ selfies

You might like to take some photos before your procedure to remind you how you used to look! We will also do this on the day of your procedure for your medical records. 

Can I get finance?

The private hospitals we work with offer finance for your procedure. Please ask for further details at your consultation or click here for more information.

On the day of your procedure

Things to bring

Bring your phone and charger and a book or magazine. There is always a lot of waiting around in hospital so bring things to keep you amused. There is a TV in your private room and your partner, family member or friend can stay with you the whole time. Bring you dressing gown and slippers and you can stay comfortable in your favourite things whilst you wait.

Will I see my Consultant Plastic Surgeon on the day?

When you arrive at the hospital you will be shown to your private room and your nurse will get you ready for your procedure. At Perfecta your care is led by your Consultant Plastic Surgeon and you will see them again on the day of your procedure to go through some final paperwork, including the hospital consent form, take photographs for your medical records and do your pre-operative markings. Then you are ready to go.

Who will give my anaesthetic?

We only work with experienced Consultant Anaesthetists, all of whom are also NHS Consultant Anaesthetists. You will have the opportunity to meet your Consultant Anaesthetist on the day as well. They will complete your pre-operative assessment to make sure you are safe and ready to go ahead. They will talk you through the anaesthetic and your recovery. General anaesthetic (asleep) can make people feel sick and surgery can be painful. We take great care to make your procedure as smooth as possible and do lots of things to help you wake up without feeling sore or sick. 

Your package of care

All of your after-care is provided as part of your package of care, so you don’t have to worry about a thing. When you are ready to go home, the nurses will give you an appointment for your first check up a week later. Our nurses will arrange to see you again for as long as you need.You will see your Consultant Plastic Surgeon 3 months after surgery. If you have any problems in between appointments then don’t worry, just give us a call, speak to the nurses and come back to see us.

When can I go home?

Most of our patients stay in hospital overnight after facelift but it depend on the type of facelift you choose. Some swelling and bruising is common for the first week or so. Sitting up, cool packs and an extra pillow in bed can help reduce this. Most people return to their normal activities and work a week or so after surgery. We will review you regularly in dressing clinic to keep a close eye on your progress.

Can I shower after my procedure?

Yes – you can shower from day one. We would like you to shower and wash your hair every day after surgery and reapply Vaseline 3-4 times a day.

When can I return to normal activities and work?

Please gently return to all your normal activities straight after your procedure. Most of our clients are back to most things (including work) a week or so after facelift and are back to everything (Including the gym and exercise classes) in a month or so. You can drive as soon as you feel safe and able to do so.

When can I go on holiday?

This is a common question in clinic, particularly leading up to the summer. You could travel the following day if you need to. However it would be sensible to wait a couple of weeks. Most patients settle well and without any problems after surgery. However if you do have any issues then it is nice to be able to pop in and see us.

Sun protection and skin conditioning

Your skin will be more sensitive in the sun for a while after surgery. Look after yourself in the sun, particularly in the first six months after your procedure. Factor 50 suncream and lots of moisturising cream (or Bio-oil) are helpful.

What our patients say about Perfecta Cosmetic Surgery

“A New Younger Me”

“From the moment I contacted the Nuffield Hospital in Stockton-on-Tees their professionalism shone through. After I had researched the surgeons I made the decision to go with Mr Dunkin.  On my first consultation with Mr Dunkin I was nervous about the procedure, I was soon put at ease as he explained everything he was going to do. He was very polite and professional so I decided to go ahead. On the day of my facelift the nerves kicked in again, as soon as I got to the hospital the care was amazing again putting me at ease. Mr Dunkin visited pre-op to make sure I was ok. After the procedure I felt fine and Mr Dunkin visited me again. The next morning bandages were removed and I could finally see how my face lift would be like. I was amazed I was looking at a new younger me. Mr Dunkin visited again to make sure I was recovering well.  The healing process has been very good, limited swelling and bruising. I was that confident I even went on holiday 6 weeks later and the compliments from my friends were uplifting. I have just had my 3 month consultation and everything is perfect. I’m over the moon and Mr Dunkin was also happy with my progress. If I ever want or need anything else done I would not hesitate to go with Mr Dunkin again”.

“Miracle worker”

“I cannot fault the care. I’ve had an incredible recovery and the results are overwhelming. Mr Dunkin has worked wonders and I couldn’t be more pleased”. 

“I wanted to thank you personally for the lovely manner in which you dealt with me. I was still undecided about surgery when I came to see you in November but had such confidence in you after our meeting that even given my squeamishness I never had a moments worry about the actual surgery. I found you warm, caring and felt that you were genuinely interested in what the surgery meant to me”. 

“A Perfect Procedure”

“Chris Dunkin the plastic surgeon who performed a neck lift for me is someone I can wholeheartedly recommend. The whole experience from initial consultation, the procedure itself, the super result, and the cost, was excellent. The Nuffield Hospital in York and the staff there were all lovely, I felt safe and comfortable and under no pressure whatsoever to be discharged before I felt ready”. 

“Very happy with the results”

“After wanting (needing) a face lift, I plucked up courage to have one. Mr. Chris Dunkin explained everything to me and put me at ease. I had the Operation done at the Nuffield Hospital in York. The surgery went well, and I went home next day. Five days after the operation, I popped into work the staff there were surprised I had no bruising and commented how well I looked. Ten days later, I had my stitches removed. I Had no pain and no bruising. There was a slight swelling, which is to be expected. I was able to go out with not being self-conscious. I Have had my final check up with Mr. Dunkin now and he was as pleased with the results as I am”.

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