Labia improvement, (labiaplasty)

You'll be delighted with your labia improvement and wonder why you left it so long.

Labiaplasty, or labia reduction, is a procedure that will improve the size and shape of your labia. Enlarged labia, (vaginal lips),  can be a problem for some women. They can be uncomfortable or sore, particularly in the gym or while playing sports. The procedure help you feel more comfortable in clothes you want to wear and even increase your self confidence.

Perfecta Cosmetic Surgery is one of the UK’s leading clinics offering Labia improvement surgery, (labiaplasty). All our clinics are located at premium private hospitals from York to Darlington, Stockton to Middlesborough so you can rest assured you will receive the best quality of care and a level of service that is second to none.

All our cosmetic surgery is performed by UK trained and fully qualified Consultant Plastic Surgeons with more than 15 years clinical experience delivering high quality, high value, clinical solutions to women who want to increase the balance or improve the symetry of their breasts.

We’ll help you achieve the the outcome your want.

  • 97% of our patients say its “worth it”
  • Procedure time – Less than 1 hour
  • Downtime – 1 week
  • Cost – from £2,780

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Improve the size and shape of your labia.

Enlarged labia or vaginal lips are a problem for some women. They can be uncomfortable or sore, particularly in the gym or on a bike. They may be visible in underwear or tight clothing. Some women just don’t like them. The inner lips, (labia minora), are most often affected.


  • Give you smaller neater labia 
  • Allow you to wear tight clothing without embarrassment
  • Increase your body-confidence and self-esteem

We’ll arrange a no-obligation consultation to assess your situation and make recommendations. If you decide to proceed, all your care is provided at Private hospitals servicing the region. Choose from clinics in York, Darlington, Stockton-on-Tees and Middlesborough, so you can rest assured you will receive the best quality of care and a level of service that is second to none.

Cosmetic labia improvement surgery

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Labia improvement from Perfecta Cosmetic Surgery


What is labia improvement (labiaplasty)?

Enlarged labia or vaginal lips are a problem for some women. They can be uncomfortable or sore, particularly in the gym or on a bike. They may be visible in underwear or tight clothing. Some women just don’t like them. The inner lips (labia minora) are most often affected.

Labiaplasty is a procedure to improve the size and shape of your labia. It is a short procedure, done with you asleep and you may go home the same day or stay overnight. You can get back to all your normal activities as soon as you feel comfortable and because we use dissolving stitches there are no stiches to remove. We like to see you for a check up after a week to ensure everything has settled down.

We do not commonly see problems after labiaplasty but we will talk to you in detail about the procedure and potential problems at your consultation. Most of our patients are delighted with the outcome of their surgery and wonder why they left it so long before seeking advice.


  • Initial Consultation
  • Cost of treatment
    FROM £2,780



Before treatment

First appointment

At Perfecta your care is led by your Consultant Plastic Surgeon – you will see them in clinic, they will do your procedure and see you for follow up. Your first appointment lasts around half an hour and includes specialist assessment and discussion of how we can help. We will go through your options for treatment and discuss what is involved and answer any questions you may have.

After your appointment we will send you lots of information about your treatment options and provide you with a fixed cost for your package of care. We will then give you time and space to decide what you would like to do. When you are ready our office team will help you book a date for your procedure.

Second appointment

At your second appointment you will meet your surgeon again and discuss your procedure in more detail. We will go through all the important information about your labiaplasty, including how we do the procedure and the site and nature of the scars. We will discuss your hospital care, anaesthetic and recovery and your aftercare plan. We will also discuss the potential risks and complications of surgery, so you are fully informed.

Pre-assessment appointment

A few weeks before your procedure you will have an appointment with our nurses for a pre-operative medical. Our nurses will tell you everything you need to know for the day of your procedure, such as what time to stop eating and drinking, what time to come in to the hospital, and what to bring with you. If you have any questions about these details or anything else then please ask your nurse or feel free to email or call us.

Do your research

Read up on your treatment options before your appointment. Good sources of information are our website and the BAPRAS website (www.bapras.co.uk) and BAAPS website (www.baaps.co.uk). It can be helpful to read blogs written by people who have had your procedure. But bear in mind they only have experience of their own journey. Your expert Consultant Plastic Surgeon and our experienced nurses have looked after hundreds of patients and have an unrivalled level of knowledge and understanding to help you. Ask us anything you want to know.

Write down a list of questions 

In the week before your appointment make a note of any questions you want to ask. We will give you lots of useful information during your appointment. Afterwards we will email you with written information to help you make the right decision and make sure you are fully informed. Don’t worry if you forget what you wanted to ask. We will be seeing you for a second appointment or you can email us at any time.

Can I get finance? 

The private hospitals we work with offer finance for your procedure. Please ask for further details at your consultation or click here for more information.

On the day of your procedure


Things to bring

Bring your phone and charger and a book or magazine. There is always a lot of waiting around in hospital so bring things to keep you amused. There is a TV in your private room and your partner, family member or friend can stay with you the whole time. Bring you dressing gown and slippers and you can stay comfortable in your favourite things whilst you wait.

Will I see my Consultant Plastic Surgeon on the day?

When you arrive at the hospital you will be shown to your private room and your nurse will get you ready for your procedure. At Perfecta your care is led by your Consultant Plastic Surgeon and you will see them again on the day of your procedure to go through some final paperwork, including the hospital consent form. We take photographs for your medical records and do your pre-operative markings – this is usually done in theatre before your procedure.

Who will give my anaesthetic?

Your anaesthetic will be given by an experienced Consultant Anaesthetist. You will have the opportunity to meet them before your operation. They will complete your pre-operative assessment to make sure you are safe and ready to go ahead and talk you through the anaesthetic and your recovery. We take great care to make your procedure as smooth as possible and do lots of things to help you wake up without feeling sick or sore. 

Your package of care


All of your aftercare is provided as part of your package of care, so you don’t have to worry about a thing. When you are ready to go home, the nurses will give you an appointment for your first check up a week later. Our nurses will arrange to see you again as required. If you have any problems then don’t worry, just give us a call, speak to the nurses and come back to see us.

When can I go home?

You should be fine to go home a few hours after your procedure, once you feel ready and your nurse is happy.

How will I feel afterwards?

Most patients recover quickly after labiaplasty. You may need to take regular painkillers for the first few days and then just when you need them. You can expect quite a lot of swelling and bruising and you may be tender for a few weeks. We use vaseline and a panty pad after surgery. Every time you go to the toilet, clean with a baby wipe, reapply vaseline to your labia and then use a panty pad. Continue this until you have healed – usually in 1-2 weeks. We advise you to wear lycra sportswear as much as possible for the first three months to help you settle quickly and get a great result.

When can I return to normal activities and work?

Please gently return to all your normal activities from day one. Most of our clients are back to most things (including work) after a week and are back to everything (Including the gym and exercise classes) in a month. You can drive as soon as you feel safe and able to do so.

When can I go on holiday?

This is a common question in clinic, particularly leading up to the summer. You could travel the following day if you need to. However it would be sensible to wait a couple of weeks. Most patients settle well and without any problems after surgery. However if you do have any issues then it is nice to be able to pop in and see us.

What our patients say about Perfecta Cosmetic Surgery

“Labiaplasty – Why Did I Wait So Long”?

“So, I enquired about Labiaplasty when I was circa 19/20 through my GP who offered me a referral to the hospital (after some begging and pleading) to no avail, I was basically told I was normal and this was purely cosmetic. Both disheartened and embarrassed, this route was no longer an option for me as I was not willing to go through the embarrassment a second time.

Fast forward 6 years and I am writing this review. After losing a significant amount of weight and feeling good about myself, My vagina bothered me, still. I toyed with the idea of going private for many years and paying for the treatment however I was always held back with how I approach this, you can search hundreds of private hospitals and the listings of cosmetic surgery are the more common ones – Rhinoplasty, Breast Enlargement etc – So the thought of emailing/Enquiring about Labiaplasty was hands down one of the most daunting experiences ever, but after living with something that I hated for so long, what was the worst that could happen?

So in June 2019 I took the plunge and emailed the Nuffield and I received a response incredibly quickly, may I add a very warm response given the private nature of what I was asking for. I was quoted a price and booked a consultation which was scheduled in for around a week later.

The morning of my consultation arrived, and as you can imagine, I felt embarrassed, vulnerable and quite frankly I didn’t want to go. 3 month post surgery, I’m glad I did. I arrived at the hospital and was seen to on time, I met Dr Dunkin for the first time who immediately put me at ease, of course, for this type of thing, surgeons need to see what they are working with so he did ask to examine me – again, vulnerability and embarrassment overwhelmed me, there was a female nurse also in the room who was also very kind.

The examination literally lasted a minute and I was fully clothed and back to talks with Dr Dunkin, he explained that this procedure is a very simple procedure, although it’s not as common as other cosmetic procedures, he has done them. Dr Dunkin explained the procedure and off I went to think about if I wanted to proceed, it all sounded so easy, not like the battle I tried to have 6 years prior. So I got home and booked straight in – it didn’t take a lot of thinking about as I had been thinking about this for many many years.

I was booked in for surgery a 5 weeks later with a pre-assessment booked in around a week before surgery. So, day of surgery, luckily for me, it was booked in for 7am, I arrived at the hospital in good time and I was shown to my room at 7am prompt. A nurse came down and proceeded with all the standard things before Dr Dunkin came down to see me before surgery – given I was no good to anyone as I was apprehensive and frightened as I had never been under general anaesthetic before – another point to mention, it is general anaesthetic and not local!

Many videos on the internet show the procedure being done under local, I also wouldn’t bother watching them because you will scare yourself half to death, as I did watching them the night before surgery, anyway, I digress… Dr Dunkin was again very friendly, very professional and very empathetic, he asked if I wanted to be awake or asleep for the markings, to be honest, after not looking at my vagina for pretty much all of my life, I didn’t now want to start prodding and poking at it with a stranger to decide which bits to get rid of, so I left this part solely to Dr Dunkin – I just wanted to be asleep and have the whole ordeal over with before I bottled it. I then met the anaesthetist, another very friendly chap and at 8am on the dot, I was taken down to be put to sleep and have my vagina sorted out, i’ll miss out the freaking out part laid on the bed actually getting put to sleep – it was painless to be fair and I was out within seconds but still frightened as I knew the next time I would be awake I would probably be in a lot of pain. Oh how I was wrong.

I was brought round about half 9. 90 minutes out. To be fair, I didn’t properly return to the land of the living until around 11am, spending another 90 minutes drifting in and out of sleep. Surprisingly I was hungry, so I had a Sandwich, and a Coffee and felt absolutely fine, so fine that when my Mum picked me up, I told her I was going to the pub – I mean even at 26 years old your mum can still stop you doing things apparently. So I had my food, I had my drink and before I could leave, I had to have a wee. Oh god – ‘will I be able to wee’ (so dramatic). Of course I could wee, and off I left the hospital at midday, loving life. I had a massive misconception that I would be traumatised and in agony. I didn’t look at my vagina until I got home, and this took me a good 20 minutes to actually do so. I didn’t have any idea what to expect, I mean, everything was swollen and i was bruised in places I didn’t think could bruise, but on first glance, given that surgery was only 4/5 hours prior, I was happy.

So on Mums say so, I went to bed to rest and woke up a few hours later feeling rubbish, I didn’t want to go to the pub anymore. I was sent home with painkillers and I spent the rest of the Friday in bed (day of surgery). I spent the next day in bed most of the day and ventured out on the evening to my friends house for an hour, and by Tuesday I was back at work and by Thursday, yes you guessed it, in the pub. Don’t get me wrong, I was swollen for a few weeks, it hurt to sit down for the first week but by week 3/4, I was pretty much back to normal.

I can single handedly say, it was the best £2500 I have spent and I don’t understand why there are lack of reviews and promotion around this procedure. Dr Dunkin & the hospital staff looked after me so well. My only advice to anybody that is considering this procedure but feels too embarrassed/ashamed/vulnerable to do so, take the plunge, because that was me and if you get the same standard of professionalism and care i received from everyone at the Nuffield, I promise that you will wish you had done it sooner”.

(Labia improvement patient)

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